Blinds Service in

Calicut Wayanad and Thalassery

Next Curtains & Interiors, established in 2000 holds a vast experience in the supply of all types of blinds that look great on windows and doors. We do not impose anything on our clients. You have plenty of samples to choose as we bring all of them to your house and you can look, feel, mix and match them so that the best ones are selected. We also entertain the order of custom blinds.

Your house receives a new personality once new blinds are installed and this fills you with positive energy and makes you really proud.

When our clients look for blinds, we know what they expect. Choice and variety are the fundamental expectations. Normally, blinds are adjustable manually or using a remote control. You can adjust your blinds in a wonderful way. You can close them tightly for privacy and to control light. You can also leave them slightly open so that you can limit the amount of light enter into your room. They can also be pulled up so that you get an unobstructed view and plenty of light inside.

Blinds provide a contemporary feel to your home and office. Width of slats decides the type of blinds and they come in � inch, 1 inch and 2 inches. Again, blinds are divided into mini-blinds, plantation blinds, vertical blinds, panel tracks etc.

We recommend blinds to your lively houses and commercial buildings to control light, increase insulation, make visual impact and are cost effective and match window shapes.